In Europe

Date Acronym Conference Location Organizer Infravec2 contact Infravec2 attendees
7-8 Sep IMAV 2017 2nd International meeting on aboviruses and their vectors Glasgow (UK) A. Kohl GU (UK), E. Schnettler, UG (UK), A. Wilson, PI (UK),  G. Pijlman, WU (NL), S. Becker, Hannover University (D), A. Davidson, Bristol University (UK), A.-B. Failloux, IP Paris) (contact) A. Wilson A. Kohl, A.-B. Failloux, A. Wilson
11-13 Sep EurNegVec Final conference on Neglected Vectors and Vector-Borne diseases (EurNegVec) Chania, Crete (Greece) S. Sotiraki, Vet. Res. Institute, HAO-Demeter (Greece) (contact) V. Dvorák
1-6 Oct SOVE International Society for Vector Ecology Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands (Spain) M. Ángel Miranda Chueca, B. Alten (contact) K. Vernick K. Vernick, E. Veronesi, A. Crisanti, F. Schaffner, P. Volf, V. Dvorak, K. Huber, T. Möhlmann, C. Vogels, D. Petric, M. Zgomba, C. Aranda
4-8 Oct ICAVST International Congress on Advance in Veterinary Science and Technics Holiday Inn Skopje (Macedonia)  ICAVST (contact)
14-17 Jun Second International Conference on Zika Virus Tallinn (Estonia) Co-chair and scientific committee: S.D. Pitlik,  E. Schwartz, R.  Lanciotti, T. Briese, M.P. Grobusch, S.S. Morse, et al. (contact)
2-6 Jul European Conference of Entomology Napoli (Italy) University of Napoli “Federico II” and CNR Consiglio Nazionale Ricerche A. Crisanti
Jun ICPVR 7th International Conference on P. vivax Research (ICPVR) Paris (France)
19-24 Jul ICE 26th International Congress of Entomology 2020 Helsinki (Finland)


In the rest of the world

Date Acronym Conference Location Organizer Infravec2
12-13 Aug National dengue & arboviruses infection conference
Berjava Times
Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
Tropical Infectious Diseases Research & Education Centre (TIDREC), Malaysian Public Health  Physicians Association, WHO collaborative centre, MSIDC, College of pathology. (contact)
10-14 Sep Vectors, pathogens and diseases: current trends and emerging challenges Durban, KwaZulu- Natal (South Africa) Scientific Committee: M. Coetzee, J. Etang, S. Torr and S. L. O’Neill (contact)
16-18 Oct PAMCA 4th Annual conference of the Pan-African Mosquito Control Association Laico Hotel, Ougadougou (Burkina Faso) C. Mbogo, KEMRI-Wellcome Trust,  University of Nairobi (Kenya) (contact)
2-3 Nov Neglected Tropical Diseases Conference: Current and Future Challenges Doubletree by Hilton Chicago North Shore Conference Center,  Chicago, Illinois (USA) (contact)
5-9 Nov ASTMH Annual meeting Baltimore, Maryland (USA) ASTMH (contact)
5-8 Nov ESA Entomological Society of America Denver, CO (USA) (contact)
15-20 Apr MIM Pan African Malaria Conference Dakar (Senegal) O. Gaye, Head of the University Department of Medical Parasitology, Faculty of Medicine (Université C. Anta Diop de Dakar) (contact)
1-5 Jul Malaria World Congress Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne (Australia) C. Cowman, B. Crabb and H. Evans

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