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Need resources for insect vector research? Ask Infravec2!

  • The European Commission (EC) has funded the Infravec2 consortium with 10M€ to distribute key research resources to insect vector researchers in the European Research Area.
  • The Infravec2 Products catalog contains over 150 resources for vector research provided at no cost to you.
    Push your vector research faster, in more novel directions: Synergize your existing research funding with no-cost resources from Infravec2!
  • Shop the Infravec2 online Products store. “Pay” for your order with a brief scientific justification, evaluated by a selection committee.

How to request Infravec2 products at no cost?

  1. Search the Products catalog for the resources you need.
  2. Save your choices in the Shopping Cart.
  3. Register as an Infravec2 user.
  4. Finalise your order by uploading a brief justification for the use of the materials, describing:
      • Technical quality
      • Expected scientific outcome
      • Capacity building for you and/or your institute

Who is eligible for no-cost access?

  • Researchers in the EU, 16 associated European countries, and 130 developing countries (list here),
  • You need to work in a country different from the Infravec2 product provider (country is indicated in the “Additional information” tab of the product pages).
  • To request a product from the country where your laboratory is located, you will need to form a User-group in which a majority of the members are not in the provider country. Please see the instructions about why and how to form a User-group.
  • Researchers not working in one of the ~175 countries referenced above are not eligible to request no-cost, EU supported access to Infravec2 products. For these researchers, we will introduce a fee-for-service mechanism in 2018.

What products are available?

  • All major vectors infected with all major arboviruses as well as Plasmodium falciparum; custom conditions including time after infection, dissected tissues, RNA or DNA extracted, custom gene-silencing; Custom-produced genome-edited transgenic lines; Wild-collected samples; Live colonies of many species; Access to unusual vector species.
  • Access to powerful technology platforms such as vector deep-sequencing, bioinformatics, up to 100,000 mass-reared mosquitoes, high-throughput screening technologies, and tools to study insecticide resistance.
  • Physical access to state-of-the art insectaries to perform your experiments in vector infection with CL2/CL3 pathogens (arboviruses, P. falciparum); insect behavior and electrophysiology; insecticides.

What conditions are attached to no-cost Infravec2 products?

  • You own the data that you generate, and products that you create using Infravec2-provided resources.
  • You agree to submit appropriate data to a relevant repository, and to acknowledge Infravec2 in publications.
  • Unless otherwise noted, all Infravec2 products are shipped at Containment Level 1 as non-infectious material.

How will my request be evaluated?

You need other virus resources for your research? Request them from the European Virus Archive goes global (EVAg)